samedi 12 juillet 2014


Happy JULY all!

Hope you had a nice week end. Mine was just magical. We did our " pendaison de cremaillère" on 5th of july... And do you know what? I don't understand why french people do this. No matter , for me it was just a big opportunity to ask my friends to have fun with me. So we had fun. We drank juice, wine and coffee , but especially we ate malagasy food : composé, caca pigeon, voandalana, cacahuète and bonbon voanjo :)
I have told you this story to apologize for this long silence and explain why I was not posting for this long period (I moved...).

Today, I just promised to myself that I will post something here for my followers. So here I am guys...
But what to say? 

....... :D

Let's talk about my passion: Make up 

As you know I'm a make up addict. I'm just in the basic level but I like to try new tools and share my experiences. So during this 3 weeks, I started to use "BB Cream NUDE Magique by L'OREAL". I've never try to use BB Cream untill now. I often apply foundation in my every day life. My favorite is Naked Skin by Urban Decay. And this foundation is just perfect just naked as promised, so natural. 

Then my deduction after those 3 weeks are:

- BB Cream is not for my skin. Or should I try another one? Any suggestion from you?

- If I insist to use BB cream, I have to apply first another Cream to moisturize my skin, the one I used is Extreme Day Cream by AHAVA (and I recommend this cream for all my malagasy friend as well it's very good for our face, especially in winter)

-Just to feel confortable, even if used BB cream I noted that it's always better to finalize with a powder foundation.

Have I made a mess? Maybe I think I used the BB Cream in a wrong way! Maybe I have to get advise from a professional user. Or what?

If you guys, have experience of BB Cream, even if it's not L'Oréal, I beg you, leave a comment bellow and share your opinion with us.

Cheers <3

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