vendredi 20 février 2015

One day with Soapeta

Yeah, I start everything by introducing my precious Soapeta because she deserves it :)

So, last Thursday 19th, was an ordinary day for everybody, but special one for us, because we've had so much fun.

The night before, we spoke to fix the appointment in Paris, we agreed to be at Musée du Louvre at 10h30. In the morning she called me: "my train is on time, see you in 1 hour". I left then my house to be on time too. 
On the metro, I received one message: "holy  crap, there is a mechanical issue and the train has to stop" . I replied: "no worries, I will catch you at Gare de l'est" . 15 minutes later " Fanja, take off at Cadet". I replied: " I'm at gare de l'Est" ... she called me: "come back, in 3 stop I wait you in the quai" ... misadventure .... finally we met.... yeahhh big hug, it was long time since we had seen each other.

So we went together to Musée du Louvre for a visit, after that, as we are both youtube users, we made some videos, we took some pictures. 

my sweet Soapeta and I

Time went fast, it was time to have lunch but where? MacDO? Starbuck? Restaurant? And then, my intelligent and smart friend asked me if I want to taste something new and special. Of course, I replied:" YES". So here we go, we took the Metro line 8 to stop at La fille du Calvaire, we walked 5minutes and we arrived at Marais on this amazing place "Rachel's".

This is a restaurant, I've ever seen in Paris, but I was hearing something like that in the novel by Douglas Kennedy (he's one of my favorite writers), and he illustrated that quartier of Marais so well, so when I arrived in the place, I've got that impression of "already been".

Anyway, I want know to tell you about that special restaurant (where you can eat the best cheesecake in the world) "Rachel's" because I ate a really yummy food, with a very cute presentation and Rachel (she is not french!) was really a smart person who takes care personally of all her clients. We ate for 1 hour and half, ya ya, because we "tchited and tchated" in the same time. And the waitress asked 2 times if everything was OK, if we were at our ease and please note, she smiled, not a marketing smile but a sincere smile, from her heart :)

By some pictures, I invite you guys to have a look at that best restaurant ever, and if one day you pass through Paris with someone that you love, don't forget to pass at Rachel's even to eat cheesecake and to drink coffee. 

One adress: 25 rue du Pont aux CHOUX - PARIS 3

Part of thing you can find there:

this is for free and it's so good
salad, small size for 13€ 

bagel's 18€

"THE" cheesecake 7€50

And Rachel's restaurant has a nice decoration ;)

After the lunch, Soapeta and I took back the Metro and we went at Galeries Lafayette, we did a little bit shopping but it's women's stuff so I think there is no need to show a picture of what we bought ;)

at Lafayette

It was late that day, we have to say goodbye, with an heavy heart everything has it's ending 

See you next time my lovely Soapeta

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