mercredi 13 août 2014


Hi everyone!

Normally, I should write this article in my own language, Malagasy, but I think it's more helpfull for all people around the world if I use english today because I think even other foreigners may need my view about how I find Brussels.

Of course, It's my second visit to this pretty city. And I enjoyed each day I spent other there. Only one remark, if you are in Brussels and you speak english you will never be lost. English is most speaking than french there.

First time I was in Brussels, exactly, I was at Ixelles. I took this red car "Open Tour" to do the visit (you can pick one of them near the Gare Centrale), it was the easiest way to see all MONUMENTS existing in Brussels. Especially if you are with family (like kids).

For my second time, I didn't take any guide, I simply took a Metro Plan wich shown all the monuments you could visit, if I'm not wrong there are 9 points you could ( I suggest too) look. And this last experience was succesfull. I saved money because I took the pass 24h for 7€.

The advantages are:
  •  I was able to take picture,
  •  I was close to the monuments,
  •  I got all the time to appreciate the Atomium sculpture for example on my own rythm. No rush. Even a shoot of myself was a bonus that I can keep for my memories in the future.

So I recommand obviously to all tourists on visit to just take the Metro Plan to find Brussels for two conditions: you should like to walk and you must like adventure.

I discovered too some new places to eat. Oh my.. It's just so great to eat all over the terasse. And I saw so different and yummy food. The price was very attractive: menu 10€. It was behind this Grande place. All belgians specialities <3

You can buy there goodies written Brussels, maneken pis, atomium and so on...but for all beauty addict I recommand you to go at the shop Pinktree: there are so much different kind of handmade beauty products that you can't find in France. Personally, I took some soap which smell very "...hmmmm...", just divine. You can order them at the link here:

For fun I bought one box of hairchalk. And a kit of 5 nails polish. I will make a review about them soon. Stay tunned!

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